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Houston-based owner of Oil & Gas Minerals and Royalty Ownership investment firm focused in owning oil and gas Mineral Lands, Royalty and Overriding Royalty Interests and Leasehold Interest.

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Decision-making in uncertain times

My first decision to enter the oil and gas business came with a lot of uncertainty! On a bright summer day in 1979, I got a call from my brother Aziz. I was in Edmonton, Canada living a… Read More

Consistency + Discipline = Success

Consistency plus discipline equals success. Consistency has helped me in my personal and business life, and I value it as the number one trait for success. In the sixties as a teenager in Pakistan, I used to bike… Read More

Workaholic! Why I am not.

Are you a workaholic? People have often asked me, and my simple answer is No! A workaholic is a person who is deeply addicted to work. Since most of us are now at home either working or thinking… Read More

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