YMC Royalty Company LP

Houston-based owner of Oil & Gas Minerals and Royalty Ownership investment firm focused in owning oil and gas Mineral Lands, Royalty and Overriding Royalty Interests and Leasehold Interest.

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Social Responsibility

YMC partners with YBC Foundation which prioritize commitments to low-income elderly, ill, and individuals in-between jobs can provide for themselves and their families.

“Face uncertainty with hope, wisdom and optimism”


“This is an uncertain period of time and it is new to all of us. We have challenges before us that we’ve never faced before and we need to confront them with hope and optimism instead of fear.”

Know more about our Founder’s blog at https://ybcfoundation.com/

Wish to sell your Mineral interests?

Are you interested in selling your mineral interests in your Oil & Gas Assets? Contact our team to get an offer

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